1. Algorithms, tests, models and simulations to protection systems, automation and control.

2. Application, philosophies, adjustments, coordination and computations tools for protection systems.

3. Disturbance Analysis: case studies, lessons learned, automatic analysis of faults and analysis tools.

4. Monitoring, protection and control for large power systems (WAMPACS).

5. System Integrity Protection Scheme (SIPS) – Special Protection Systems (EPS).

6. Performance management protection and automation systems and actions to greater reliability and availability of transmission and distribution assets.

7. Managing and monitoring the condition of the asset protection, automation and control (maintenance and retrofit).

8. Standardization protection systems, automation and control.

9. Protection and control of transmission systems in DC.

10. Applications and benefits of Synchro phasors technology.

11. Functions and advanced protection applications, automation and control. adaptive protection.

12. Architectures protection, control and automation based on IEC 61850: process bus, “merging units”. Experiences achieved applications and benefits. Use of non-conventional instrument transformers.

13. Test devices (IEDs) and protection functions.

14. Automation of substations.

15. Protection, automation and control of Smart Grids, automation of residential and commercial loads.

16. Communication of data and application protection, automation and control. Cybersecurity.

17. Integration of distributed energy sources (wind, solar and vehicle); energy storage. Impact protection systems, control and automation.

18. Challenges in training and training of professionals and managers in the area of protection, control and automation.



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